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Estimate work Asynchronously

Make ticket estimations easier by doing the individual estimation work asynchronously. Utilize your free time or a quick break instead of doing it collectively.

Estimate more efficiently

A better use of time

When was the last time you were in a ticket grooming or estimation session and you have completely checked out?

Estimate tickets when you have some free time. There's no reason the estimation itself needs to be done synchronously.
More time efficient.
Sprint discussions can be more constructive when everyone already has some idea of what the topic is about and have given it some thoughts prior.
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Supported functions

A list of features we support or are working on.

We're always accepting feature requests so feel free to share with us what you like to see!!

PokerAsync currently only integrates with Linear, but will be looking into supporting other ticketing systems in the future.

List view
See all games and issues of a game with the status of the estimates
Invite team members
Easily invite team members in your Linear team to participate in a game.
Optional comments
Add an optional comment with your estimate to provide more context of why you chose what you chose.
Issue sync Work in progress
Update issue with provided estimates and associated comments.
Reminder Work in progress
Email reminders to help you set your estimate before a game closes.
TBD Work in progress
What would you like to see?


We're currently on Beta and is free of charge. Pricing plans will be introduced as we get the app into general availability.


We are actively working on the app. Please feel free to send us any bug reports, feature requests or any comments you have!

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